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Diana’s Take on Shakeology

I must admit I was very skeptical of Shakeology. I didn’t even want to sell it. I picked up a sample box though, I wanted to try it out and formulate my own reasoning as to why I was validated in ignoring the product. What I discovered was this:

  • I’m not longer skeptical of the value of Shakeology.
  • My cravings have been seriously curbed, especially if I use it at the right time of the day for me.
  • I have more productive bowel movements, which due to my multiple sclerosis previously required me to use medication.
  • I simply feel cleaner from the inside out.
  • I have increased energy and improved attention.
  • Because my cravings reduced, this impacted my monthly food budget in a positive way.

Bottom Line: For me, Shakeology is not only good, but it is a valuable product within my current health plan. Shakeology is now an integral part of my total health management.

Shakeology: Nutrition Simplified

Shakeology has many uses:

Sure you could eat more exotic fruits, vegetables, and legumes to get the same amount of nutrition that comes in one glass of Shakeology. But how much food would you need to eat? And how much would it cost? And what’s a legume? One shake is easier.

3-Day Cleanse

Prior to starting a new program, this process jump-starts the metabolism and primes the body for serious calorie burning.

Energy Boost

By having a Shakeology as a mid-morning or afternoon snack, cravings are curbed, and energy is restored.

Meal Supplementation

Using Shakeology as either a weight-loss or weight-gaining tool by supplementing an entire meal or adding one in.

Bowel Regulation

Many are finding that Shakeology has helped to facilitate regularity.

Sampler Kit

Experience Shakeology on a daily basis! Get a chance to try all the flavors! Within a few days you’ll notice the difference!

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