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I was officially diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis on Friday the 13th, June 2003 and initially viewed the date of diagnosis as an omen of what my life was destined to be like. However, I have learned that I can control my own destiny.

I KNOW what it’s like to need a cane to walk and now I know what it’s like to run 20 miles in a 30 hour relay race.

The diagnosis compounded my lifelong battle with obesity, but in 2008 I began to make some lasting changes. Since that time, I have lost over 90lbs. The freedom and mobility gained from weight-loss has given me a thirst to share all I’ve learned with others.

I KNOW what it’s like to be tight in a size 24 and now I know what it’s like to be comfortable in a size 8!

My battle with obesity has always been about addictions and emotional binge eating. My life used to be controlled by caffeine and pastries.

I KNOW what it’s like to be controlled by an addiction and now I know that to STRUGGLE is NOT being defeated!

I am now committed to the changes I have made and I continually strive to maintain balance in body, soul, and mind.

Life is unpredictable enough as it is, so I am determined not to live my life based on the unpredictability of a disease.

Diana Bateman is truly amazing. She has been my health and fitness coach over the past year, and my life has changed.
~ Wade B.

My Personal Life

  • I was born and raised in South Salt Lake City, UT.
  • I’m the sixth child of eight.
  • I served an 18-month mission among the deaf and hard of hearing in the Midwestern United States.
  • My husband, serves in the Utah Air National Guard.
  • I am the mother of an absolutely awesome boy!
  • More work history information is available on LinkedIn

Diana has one of the most tirelessly positive attitudes that a person could have while maintaining that real-world
realistic viewpoint on true limitations. I would find it hard to believe that a person could work with Diana, understand how far
she has come and continues to go, and to not feel motivated to become a better, more healthy individual.
Jeanie S.

My Diagnosis Story


In the fall of 2002 my migraines increased and my vision blurred, then doubled. My eyes became very sensitive to light. Before the end of the year, looking out of my left eye was much like looking through a dirty grate. In January 2003, I began a six-month battery of tests to determine what was wrong.

I KNOW what it’s like to be blind in one eye and now I know what it’s like to look in the mirror with full vision and not cringe at what I see.

In addition to the optic neuritis, I had other initial symptoms such as fatigue, bladder urgency, migraines, dizziness, and confusion.

I KNOW what it’s like to wet my pants in public as an adult and now I know what it’s like to cross a half marathon finish line!

At the onset of these symptoms, I was:

  • married only nine months in a new job
  • alone as my husband was just deployed
  • temporarily living with my parents
  • finishing my last semester of college as a transfer student at a different university
  • overseeing the construction of our new home

By March our home was finished and my husband returned from deployment. By June I received my official diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.

Because of Diana, I am motivated to become more fit and healthy. I’m on the road to better eating, exercise, and a more
positive outlook on life. Diana’s attitude and generosity, in spite of obstacles, is an inspiration to me.
Terry C.

​I KNOW what it’s like to cry and beat myself up over all the things I think that I can no longer do and now I know what it’s like to actually like myself.

I’ve learned that our functions and abilities change over the course of time; such is the challenge of life. However, I’ve come to understand that how I respond to the various situations and circumstances of life are far more critical than actually having the ability to perform any one particular function. 

I’ve DECIDED my new lifestyle. I’ve COMMITTED to my health and wellness. I am SUCCEEDING.

I’m not perfect, but I am happy, healthy, and smiling. Health and wellness require daily re-commitment, belief, creativity, and patience.

Now…It’s your turn. Connect with Diana and start a plan to reach your goals!




  • Utah State University, English, BS
  • Salt Lake Community College, Fitness Technician, AAS


  • Personal Trainer, American College of Sports Medicine – ACSM (since 2013)
  • Group Fitness Instructor, American Council on Exercise – ACE (since 2015)
  • Functional Movement Specialist-Level 1, Functional Movement Systems – FMS (since 2013)
  • TRX Group and Personal Suspension Trainer (since 2013)
  • Adult and Pediatric FirstAid/CPR/AED, American Red Cross – ARC (since 2013)


  • ACSM: American College of Sports Medicine
  • ACE: American Council on Exercise
  • IDEA Health & Fitness Association
  • Functional Movement Systems


  • English
  • American Sign Language

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